These Immortal Souls - Get Lost, (Don't Lie!) – (1987).

Rowland S. Howard played with Nick Cave in The Boys Next Door. This band evolved into The Birthday Party and Howard’s jagged,tortured distorted guitar was central to their aggressive sound. After the demise of The Birthday Party he played in Crime and The City Solution before forming These Immortal Souls in Berlin in 1987.

This is their first LP.

Line up:
Rowland S. Howard- guitar and vocals:
Harry Howard- bass guitar : Younger brother of Rowland, was also in Crime and the City Solution
Genevieve McGuckin -piano and organ: Long time partner of Rowland, she co-wrote two tracks (Capers and Ho-Ho) The Birthday Party 's debut LP Prayers On Fire
Epic Soundtracks –drums: the Stage name of Kevin Paul Godfrey (1959- 1997) brother of Nikki Sudden (1956 - 2006), with whom he played in Swell Maps. Epic later played drums for Crime and the City Solution.

Now available here

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