Orange Juice- Postcard Singles (1980-1981)

Before signing to Polydor and recording their first LP, You Can’t Hide Your Love Forever (1982), Scottish Indie darlings Orange Juice released these 4 singles on Glasgow’s Postcard Records. I’ve included Wan Light here; it was scheduled as Postcard single (81-6), but never released.

Line up:
Edwyn Collins– guitar / vocals.
James Kirk – guitar / vocals.
David McClymont – bass guitar.
Steven Daly – drums / percussion.

Falling And Laughing / Moscow / Moscow Olympics
7" Postcard 80-1- February 1980
Most issued with 'Felicity (live)' 7" flexidisc

Blue Boy / Lovesick- August 1980
7" Postcard 80-2

Simply Thrilled Honey / Breakfast Time
7" Postcard 80-6- November 1980

Poor Old Soul / Poor Old Soul Pt. 2
7" Postcard 81-2- March 1981

Wan Light 7" Postcard 81 6-May 1981


  1. Thanx for this one. I don't suppose you have the Texas Fever mini album at all?
    Great little blog/ but an aside to your Teardrops post, there was an American version that came out with the original photo of the band on the cover but had an extra song on it, from memory it was 'Suffocate' but it was a different version than was eventually released in the UK and on top of that a number of trax were different mixes as well. I ended up buying the bloody album 3 times being a bit of a fan. have added you to my blog list.

  2. Thanks Mona- Texas Fever? I think I can manage that))

  3. Thank you so much for sharing these. They (and your blog) are a delight.

  4. Orange Juice- Postcard Singles (1980-1981) link is dead. Would be great to see a new one.
    Thank you

  5. Sorted! Thanks for alerting me to the problem and enjoy the music.


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