The Magic of The Hepburns (1988)

They graced the front page of the NME and played a cracking Peel Session the Monday after Hillsborough.
This is pretty hard to find, Japanese CD issues appear on e bay from time to time at bonkers prices, but it's worth it.
After 23 years and several line-up changes The Hepburns are still going strong, so you can support the lads buy buying some of their more recent releases.
Does anyone have a copy of their Goalmouth Incident E.P?

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  1. There's a fresh reissue of The Magic of the Hepburns (with the Goalmouth tracks) that came out in Japan in December 2009 http://www.vividsound.co.jp/item_show.php?lid=4540399081311. We've seen copies on Ebay and elsewhere at affordable prices. It purports to be remastered and nicely packaged. CD only, alas.

    Mind, the band have yet to see a penny in royalties from any issue of the Cherry Red material, but Mike's watching to see if the negative value has budged on the next royalty statement.

    So, yeah, if you like what hear, snap up a copy of the Japanese CD or hit Ebay and drive the vinyl prices up.


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