The Birthday Party- Mr Clarinet, The Friend Catcher 7" singles (1980)

In 1980 Melboune punksters The Boys Next Door prowled into London and changed their name to The Birthday Party. Ice cream and jelly, and a punch in the belly …Indeed. The Roxy poppiness of their early songs was swamped by the dark Brechtian cabaret that epitomised their work for the next three years. They unleashed an infernal sonic machine that rumbled, screeched, gained pace and exploded in the faces of their audiences.
These are their first two singles. It’s all here, the staccato snare drum, the menacing bass and the wall of tortured guitar sounds.
The Birthday Party 7” singles- Mr Clarinet, The Friend Catcher (1980)

Line up:
Nick Cave- vocals
Mick Harvey- guitar
Tracy Pew- bass
Rowland S Howard- guitar
Phil Calvert –drums.

Unfortunately these downloads are no longer available. Get versions here: http://amputeearms.blogspot.com/2009/01/birthday-party-hee-haw.html

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  1. very fond memories ... i have these in a distant country ... thank you


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