The Higsons- I Don't Want to Live With Monkeys 7" (1981) Tear The Whole Thing Down 7" (1982)

Bilko- bass
Simon- drums
Stuart- guitar
Tez- everything else
Switch- vocals
Young Switch (Charlie Higson) looking very much like Ian Curtis.
 Mad funk .


A Message from Conductors.

Dear Friends,
I hope this message finds you in good form!
Please Could you Find Time To Listen To This New Alternative Band From Carmarthen/Cardiff UK.



The Jack Rubies - Lobster 7" (1987)

Ian Wright - vocals
Stephen D. Ineson - guitar
Steve Brockway - bass
 Lawrence Giltnane - percussion

More from The Jack Rubies on this fine blog.


The Sugarcubes- Life's Too Good (1988)

Début LP from The Sugarcubes.

The Sugarcubes made it in the UK in 1987 when their single Birthday, was an NME record  of the week and later  topped John Peel's Festive Fifty.
Here is the original Icelandic version:

Björk Guðmundsdóttir -vocals, keyboards
Einar Örn Benediktsson -vocals, trumpet
Þór Eldon Jónsson -guitar
Bragi Ólafsson - bass
Sigtryggur Baldursson - drums


The Smiths- Demos

A remastering of some demos and previously unheard material from The Smiths that originally resurfaced to much media attention last December.
Lossless versions and liner notes here. All credit to the original poster for their sterling work.
MP3's @ 320 all in one folder here.

1 Reel Around The Fountain (July 1983, Troy Tate final mix)
2 The Hand That Rocks The Cradle (October 1983, John Porter monitor mix)
3 This Night Has Opened My Eyes (June 1984, unreleased studio recording)
4 Rusholme Ruffians (July 1984, John Porter first take)
5 I Misses You (December 1984, instrumental)
6 There Is A Light That Never Goes Out (September 1985, early take)
7 The Queen Is Dead (Fall 1985, original unedited version)
8 Frankly, Mr Shankly (November 1985, Stephen Street "trumpets" recording)
9 Ask (9 June 1986, probable first-ever take)
10 Is It Really So Strange? ( June 1986, original unreleased studio recording)
11 Shoplifters Of The World Unite (December 1986, instrumental)
12 Sheila Take A Bow (January 1987, John Porter original version)
13 Girlfriend In A Coma (January 1987, early take)
14 Death Of A Disco Dancer (April 1987, first take)
 15 Paint A Vulgar Picture (April 1987, early take)
16 Heavy Track (April 1987, instrumental)


John Cale, Nick Cave & Chrissie Hynde- BBC Songwriter's Circle (1999)

A fifty minute video of the BBC show Songwriter's Circle first broadcast on July 9th 1999.

John Cale - Thoughtless Kind.
Chrissie Hynde- Talk of The Town.
Nick Cave- West Country Girl.
John Cale - Fear.
Chrissie Hynde-Kid.
Nick Cave-Henry Lee.
John Cale -Dying On The Vine.
Chrissie Hynde- I'll Stand By You.
Nick Cave- Into My Arms.
John Cale- Ship Of Fools.
Chrissie Hynde- Back On The Chain Gang.
Nick Cave- Ship Song.
John Cale, Chrissie Hynde, - I'm Waiting For My Man

Adam Seymour of The Pretenders and The Katydids also appears.


Second Anniversary

Walker says: Burning Aquarium first appeared on March 13th 2009. I had no idea how long it would last. I still don't.
The posts have been less frequent of late for a variety of reasons, but I'm immodestly happy with the quality and variety of the content.
We're getting an average of about 700 page views a day.
The most viewed page: Bjork Unplugged
The most downloaded file: Television- Double Exposure Demo
By way of celebration see below for a really great record by a really great band...

The Monochrome Set- Colour Transmission

The Monochrome Set's first two LP's  (Strange Boutique & Love Zombies, both from 1980) combined onto one CD.
Released in this format in 1993.


(Cвина и) Автоматические удовлетворители-- 1979-1994. Претензии не принимаются

When, as a youth in Leningrad Andrei Panov read a condemnation of the Sex Pistols in the Soviet press, he decided that punk rock was for him. Without ever having heard the music he became Leningrad's (possibly the Soviet Union's) first and later most eminent punk.
He adopted the nom de guerre Cвина (Pig), and formed the band Автоматические удовлетворители (Automatic Satisfiers) in 1979. The influence of the Sex Pistols is evident in AY's sound.
Panov died in 1998, aged 38.
Punk Rock in the Soviet Union was a remarkable phenomenon; it took a lot of courage for suburban middle class kids in the west to say Fuck the System and outrage their elders, but in the USSR the state did more than tut it's disapproval. The music industry was regulated by the state and (in theory) only approved artists could perform and record.
There were however, well established underground mechanisms in place from earlier times that perfectly suited the DIY ethos of punk, and bands and writers needed access to only the most rudimentary means of recording and reproducing their work in order to reach a large and eager audience.
CD rip @ 320.


Scott Walker Sings Jacques Brel (1981)

Mathilde, My Death and Amsterdam taken from Scott (1967). 
Jackie, Next and The Girls and the Dogs taken from Scott 2 (1968). 
Sons Of, Funeral Tango and If You Go Away taken from Scott 3 (1969)

This is a rip of the 1990 CD release.