The Monochrome Set- Fin (1985)

I must have been sleeping! My next post was going to be The Lost Weekend by The Monochrome Set- a classic from truly the most remarkable of the post punk art school type bands of the eighties. (I already regret that half arsed attempt to categorise them, but in my defence I plagiarized it from Cherry Red Records!) But when I was doing my homework I found out that this delightful LP had been rereleased on CD in February – so go out and buy it you lucky people.
In the meantime here’s Fin. This LP comprises live recordings from 1979-1985, including two tracks from a TV appearance on Eastern Eye. I had this on cassette and played it until it was little more than a distorted sub-aqua squeal.
The Monochrome Set were cool, they were clever, they were sexy, they were witty and I’ve never understood why they weren’t absolutely massive.


  1. Great, thanks. I saw them about 3 times nad they were always good.

  2. Thanks, walker! You may like to check this out:

    "THE MONOCHROME SET have a huge legacy in post-punk and indie rock history. White Noise represents the period before their first LP or 7-inch, before punk really took hold in the UK, in fact. These seven songs from '75-'77 have never appeared on vinyl before this release, and we're thrilled to get it out there. Monochrome Set have recently reformed for a European tour." (Midhaven)

    Sardonic, low-key rock with a crystal clear Velvets influence. Hints of Devo-esque New Wave in tracks like "We Are Zarbie" & "Flesh.Trash.Heat". A tasty serving of '70s pre-punk from this largely underrated group. 320 Vinyl Rip by yours truly.

    Mediafire Download Link: The Monochrome Set- Early Recordings: 1975-1977 "White Noise" (Captured Tracks 73)

    1. “Inside Your Heart”
    2. “White Noise”
    3. “We Are Zarbie”
    4. “I Don't Know”
    5. “Flesh, Trash, Heat”
    6. “Private Dick”
    7. “It's More Than Just Love”


    Cheers, Dave Sez.


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