Au Pairs- Playing With A Different Sex (1981)

If you like The Gang of Four, you’ll love this. Somebody probably actually said that to me at some point. Or maybe I said it to someone?
There are similarities. Funky bass and fractured rhythmic bursts of scratchy guitar, earnest vocals. These were the archetypes of that vague genre Post Punk. Not so much a genre as an era of musical history. Edgy and serious music that was created amid the liberating ‘any one can do it’ fallout of the real punk years.
If you like exploring the social historical context of your music here’s a scholarly reference to the band in relationship to the sexual politics of the time: Gaar, Gillian G. (2002). She's a Rebel: The History of Women in Rock and Roll. Seal Press. pp. 203–204. ISBN 1580050786
The cover of the LP is a classic, the picture taken from the series Horse Training for the Militia in Inner Mongolia, (1979) by the great American photographer Eve Arnold.
Jane Munro – bass.
Lesley Woods – guitar, vocals
Paul Foad – guitar, vocals
Peter Hammond – drums

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