The Clash- Live at Shea Stadium 1982 (2008)

The Clash opening for The Who, 13th  October 1982 at Shea Stadium, New York City.

Terry Chimes back on drums, Topper Headon having had the old heave-ho due to his heroin addiction (though officially due to 'exhaustion').

Kosmo Vinyl Introduction, London Calling, Police on My Back, The Guns of Brixton, Tommy Gun, The Magnificent Seven, Armagideon Time, The Magnificent Seven (Return), Rock the Casbah, Train in Vain, Career Opportunities, Spanish Bombs, Clampdown, English Civil War, Should I Stay or Should I Go, I Fought the Law

As one continuous track: http://d01.megashares.com/dl/OooMBxR/The Clash - Live 1.rar

or divided up into separate tracks:
Part1:http://d01.megashares.com/dl/iKxKqPK/The Clash Shea.part1.rar
Part 2: http://d01.megashares.com/dl/F0V1S6u/The Clash Shea.part2.rar


Pixies- Coachella Live (2004)

 From Pixies website:
April 17, 2012
Free Coachella ’04 Download
We have a special treat for you... This week, finding ourselves between two consecutive weekends of COACHELLA for the first time ever, we thought it fitting to rifle through the PIXIES vault in search of an apt celebration. So, we're very pleased to bring you a completely free download of 4 tracks from PIXIES memorable '04 Coachella performance.
The free tracks are :
1) U - Mass 
2) Monkey Gone To Heaven 
3) Hey 
4) Caribou 

With this being the first major PIXIES performance since the reformation, this show signified the successful return of PIXIES.

I wouldn't have known about this was it not for the excellent Exile On Moan Street blog - cheers Mona- enjoy the Cup Final...

The hidden history of housing by Colin Ward (2004)



Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds -There She Goes , My Beautiful World : Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers, Dee Dee Ramone,The Ramones- Chinese Rocks

 Big fan of Nick Cave ever since I first heard The Birthday Party. But, me being a true pedant, even Nick is not immune to my fernickittiness. Although it hasn't tainted my love of Nick's work in general, this has been bugging me since September 2004. In the song  There She Goes, My Beautiful World  from the album Abattoir Blues/The Lyre of Orpheus Cave declares:
 JohnnyThunders was half alive
when he wrote Chinese Rocks...

As any fule kno Douglas Glenn Colvin (1951-2002) aka Dee Dee Ramone and Richard Lester Meyers (b1949) aka Richard Hell, wrote the song Chinese Rock(s)  in 1976.

What happened is really clear, and the songwriting credits can all be checked at BMI. The song is by me and Dee Dee, but Dee Dee did 75 percent of it. I mean, all I did was write two verses out of three. Dee Dee wrote the music, the concept was his. He's basically responsible for it. But he brought me the song; he didn't even know Johnny and Jerry, but we were friends and he thought the band was great. And when the Ramones didn't want to do the song he said, 'Look, I've written one verse of this song with the chorus and it's about heroin, how about you write the rest of it and it's yours?
Richard Hell (2005)

Dee Dee gives us a version 2:30 into the video...


The Nips n Nipple Erectors- Bops, Babes, Booze & Bovver (1987- recorded 1978-1980)

 I keep referring back to Jon Savage's England's Dreaming- a truly marvelous study of punk. In it Shanne Bradley (who was known as Shanne Hasler when Savage interviewed her) is described as being one of the Sex Pistols' earliest fans. A disillusioned art student who saw the band play at St Albans, Bradley took the D.I.Y ethos of early punk to heart, and in 1976 she formed her own band- The Nipple Erectors.  The singer was an Irishman called Shane O'Hooligan , who, as if you didn't know, was none other than Shane MacGowan.

MacGowan, to quote Wikipedia- 'got his first taste of fame in 1976 at a concert by English punk band The Clash, when his earlobe was damaged by Jane Crockford, later to be a member of The Mo-dettes'. He also created the fanzine Bondage.

Bradley went on to form The Men They Couldn't Hang, a 'folk punk' outfit who were often compared to the Pogues...

http://d01.megashares.com/dl/PNmp8dW/Nipple Erectors.rar


Serge Gainsbourg- Initials SG (2002)

Le Poinçonneur des Lilas (1958)
Intoxicated Man (1962)
La Javanaise (1963)
Chez Les Yé-Yé (1963)
Couleur Café (1964)
Qui Est In Qui Est Out (1966)
Docteur Jekyll et Monsieur Hyde (1966)
Bonnie and Clyde with Brigitte Bardot (1968)
Ford Mustang (1968)
Initials B.B. (1968)
Requiem Pour Un Con (1968)
Je T'Aime... Moi Non Plus with Jane Birkin (1969)
 L'Anamour (1969)
69 Année Érotique with Jane Birkin (1969)
Sous le Soleil Exactement (1969)
Ballade de Melody Nelson (1971)
La Décadanse with Jane Birkin (1971)
Je Suis Venu Te Dire Que Je M'En Vais (1975)
L'Homme À Tête de Chou (1976)
Marilou Sous La Neige (1976)
Sea Sex and Sun (1978)
Aux Armes et Cartera (1979)
Dieu Fumeur de Havanes with Catherine Deneuve (1980)

 Ugliness is in a way superior to beauty because it lasts...Gainsbourg
 http://d01.megashares.com/dl/ituglOX/Serge Gainsbourg- Initials SG.part1.rar
 http://d01.megashares.com/dl/wcvAsr8/Serge Gainsbourg- Initials SG.part2.rar


Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers- L.A.M.F (Like A Motherfucker) - The Lost 77 Mixes (1977/1994)

In May 1975 two of the most influential bands in the nascent punk scene underwent personnel changes.  Johnny Thunders (1952 –1991) and Jerry Nolan (1946–1992)  left the New York Dolls, whilst Richard Hell (1949-) left Television.
This trio were soon performing under the name of The Heartbreakers. Walter Lure completed the line up.
Richard Hell left the group in 1976 and was replaced by Billy Rath.
    L.A.M.F is the Heartbreakers only studio album. The original release didn't do justice to the band, the sound being described as 'lacklustre'. Several remixed versions have been issued, to mixed receptions. The Lost '77 Mixes is currently held to be the best version.

     Johnny Thunders - vocals, guitar
    Walter Lure - vocals, guitar
    Billy Rath - bass
    Jerry Nolan - drums, vocals

    http://d01.megashares.com/dl/tTKAkWK/Johnny Thunders.rar


      Crass -There Is No Authority But Yourself -dir.Alexander Oey (2006)

      When I was proudly parading my anarchism in 81-85 (after that it was in my head rather than on my chest) people were forever telling me that Crass were, in fact, a bunch of 'old hippies'. This observation was made both by old school counterculturalists (themselves often derided as hippies) and punks of other stripes and colours.
      There was a Class War (not just the paper) in the 80's. We lost it and our lives remain blighted by this defeat. Global Capitalism has been kicking the prostrate body of the working class ever since, and governments have grown ever more sinister and cynical. 
      I suspect that, like myself, many of Crass' youthful audience at the time were largely unaware of The Situationists, The Angry Brigade and the like.
      Penny Rimbaud makes an observation in this film along the lines of  there being no distinction between hippies, beatniks, punks etc. Here here. As my old headmaster used to say, are you with me boys? well, no sir, we are against you, and we come in many shapes and forms.
      He also comes across as the ultimate 'old hippy', and I mean this as an unparalleled compliment.
      I've never met him, but he remains one of the most influential people in my life.

      Here's an earlier snippet of Rimbaud, comes right at the end of some nauseating antics from the 'Fab' Four.


      The Slits- Cut (1979)

      Girl Power? I'll show you Girl Power, sonny...
      Cracking cover picture from Pennie Smith. No sign of Budgie there though, is there? The record is just as invigorating. Fractured funky dub sound created out of chaos by the masterful Dennis Bovell.
      Ari Up - vocals
      Viv Albertine - guitar
      Tessa Pollitt - bass guitar
      Budgie - drums
      Dennis Bovell - sound effects

       We’re just not interested in questions about Women’s Liberation… You either think chauvinism’s shit or you don’t. We think it’s shit… Girls shouldn’t hang around with people who give them aggro about what they want to do. If they do they’re idiots... Viv Albertine, June 1977

       Ari Up, quoted in Typical Girls?: The Story of the Slits
       by Zoe Street Howe

       http://d01.megashares.com/dl/WvVCQTA/The Slits.rar


      Giorgio Chinaglia 1947-2012