Various Artists-We Do 'Em Our Way (1980)

Fond memories of this little £2.50 gem, which we played endlessly in my mate Rob's bedroom in 1980. As far as I am aware this was the Music For Pleasure label's only real foray into the world of the 'new wave'. What we have is a selection of punk and punkish groups, some very well known, some not so well known, playing covers of fifties and sixties hits.
Sex Pistols- Rock Around The Clock
Devo- Satisfaction
The Golant Pistons- Friday On My Mind
Sex Pistols- Stepping Stone
Those Helicopters- World Without Love
The Hollywood Brats- then He Kissed Me
The Flying Lizards- Money
The Slits- I heard It Through The Grapevine
The Stranglers- Walk On By
The Hammersmith Gorillas- You Really Got Me
UK Subs- She’s Not There
The Dickies- Nights In White Satin


  1. Thank you so much for this one! I saw that cover and went WOW! I had that record. Can't say I actually played it a lot, but I did like some of the songs quite a bit.

    Great blog!

  2. Brilliant. I remember buying this LP in our local Woolworths (RIP) in the early '80's. Looking forward to hearing it again. Thanks.

    Jimmy Meadow

  3. Those were the days, eh Jimmy? Thanks for visiting and enjoy the music.

  4. My older brother had this one when I was about ten years old. Funny to think I still associate She's Not There with the UK Subs more than the Zombies and such. Thanks. W.

  5. The link is dead. Is there anyway you can repost??? Thanks again for bringing this one up. I LOVE this comp!!!

  6. SWEET! Thanks so much!


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