Crass / Poison Girls - Bloody Revolutions / Persons Unknown 7" –(1980)

Remember Crass records/ where all the text was printed/ like this?/ and the sleeves opened out and / out until they nearly filled the room/ and the stencil writing and/ slogans and/ photomontages/ DO YOU?
Crass stir memories of impotent rage. I was at their last gig, Aberdare, miners’ benefit, July 7th 1984. One of my college teachers was a sixties counter culture/ situationist survivor, and he gently led me to realise that this anarchy stuff was nothing new, and that these were actually old school hippie communards.
I wonder, if I had listened to different records back then, if I would still be a pacifist, atheist vegetarian?


  1. I still remember the day I bought this and the repercussions are still being felt by my psyche over thirty years later....I cannot think of a single other band that has come close to providing me with a set of guiding principles that I still use to oriente my life...I saw Crass a couple of times in 1983 but was unable to make the last gig which on retrospect was gutting!

    They seem to be the only band left from the seventies and eighties who have not reformed!
    I am so thankful for it....did you ever see the documentary filmed about 4 years ago...kind of "Crass....what are they doing now"! Actually it was pretty good and was a pleasure to see Penny & Gee still at the big house though seeing Steve Ignorant down at the pub cheering the footie was a bit weird, but strangely, not that suprising, bless 'em....

  2. First up, for Walker, I can't remember if there is a recording circulating of the Aberdare gig, but "Christ the Bootleg", produced by Active Distribution, is a recording of a gig on 03/02/84 during Crass' last tour. If you're interested, I'll check if it is still available on order, and if not, I'll up it here if someone asks.

    In the meanwhile, here's some Crass demos 77-79 (thanks to original poster, can't find where I got it from) and the one and only Peel session that Crass did.
    Crass 1977 - 1979 demos
    Sound quality is 'A'.
    01 Corny Blackbirds
    02 Lost Youth
    03 Do They Owe Us A Living
    04 Whos Side Are You On
    05 Nothing To Learn
    06 I
    07 Look Around
    08 Revolution In My Back Yard
    09 Take
    10 Punk Is Dead
    11 Revolution For Money
    12 1-2-3-4
    13 Murderer
    14 Fight War Not Wars
    15 Rapture Rapture
    16 Shaved Women
    17 What Do You Want


    Peel session, recorded on 28.03.79 and transmitted on 10.04.79:
    Tracklist: 1. G's Song 2. Mother Earth 3. Bomb 4. Shaved Women 5. Tired


    Cheers for now, Dave Sez.

  3. Those looking for Crass singles can find the following five singles

    Nagasaki Nightmare/Big A Little A - 1980
    Sheep Farming In The Falklands - 1983
    How Does It Feel? - 1982
    You're Already Dead - 1984



    an excellent anarcho-punk (and more) site which also posts most of post-Epileptics/Licks Flux of Pink Indians here:


    as well as the hard-to-find singles and album by Schwarzeneggar, the 1992-95 group with Steve Ignorant, here:






    Cheers, Dave Sez.

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  5. Cheers Dave- my next project is to rip my entire Crass collection (see Feeding of the 5000 as a quality guide!)
    Also Nagasaki Nightmare/Big A Little A is already posted on Burning Aquarium- please avoid posting links to other sources of things that I have taken the trouble to rip and upload.

  6. WHy avoid posting links to other sources of rips? Not very open source of you that...from each, to each? Apparently not.

  7. @ Anonymous- If I take the time and trouble to make a rip and then upload it to Rapidshare (which is not free) why would I want people to look elsewhere for it?

  8. Why do you object to other peoples links man? not very open source of you is it? Not very from each and to each? Somewhat paternalist, perhaps even aquisative, materialistic. Open to criticism.

  9. Just to clarify- I do not moderate or censor any of the comments here. I do not have a problem with links to other peoples' rips appearing here- I'm all for the sort of links in comments that point people towards stuff that they might be interested in.
    I don't see the point though in using Burning Aquarium to post links to material that already appears on Burning Aquarium.
    As for this being paternalistic- that, like everything else is a matter for each person to decide- (a polite request tacitly controlls the bahaviour of others?). Materialistic/ acquisative- providing literally thousands of free downloads at an (admittedly small) expense to myself- is that indicative of materialism?
    That's all I have to say on the matter.

  10. Hey man, what I'm saying is it's like a dog marking it's territory you know, like youv got your own little kingdom and your running up you'r flag. Territorial. Nationalistic.


  11. Late one night, to both Walker and first of all, to Andreas (thanks for finally signing the Anonymous posts):

    Andreas, know what you mean, but Walker has a good point: he's offered open hospitality for comments to his posts (he could moderate comments and fry us both), and endless repeats (unless at better quality) for his posts is liking being invited in and then pissing on the carpet .. if you read Walker's text pieces, you'll know he's not on an empire-building trip, on the contrary .. so "paternalistic, territorial, nationalistic", sorry, on the contrary, that ain't Walker. He makes the effort, it's his blog - it might be for free for us, but not for him, he's putting the hours in to give us this forum, so chill ....

    Walker, sorry if my latest overlapped with yours on Nagasaki, but the other person's post I referred to is a five-in-one (including one of yours plus four others) .. no intent to step on toes or turf .. half the point of me being here is to give you personally links to say thanks .. again and as always, "Return The Gift". I won't waste my time or yours posting stuff you've taken the time to give us (which wouldn't be polite) unless there was something included you didn't have (or haven't posted yet). Keep ripping the Crass, as the more, the merrier, and if there is anything missing, just ask here, I'll see what I can do.

    Cheers, Dave Sez.

  12. Dave- thanks for that- and for the links.
    On reflection I was a bit harsh regarding your link to the Crass singles- it was a bit of a knee jerk reaction on my part.
    Andreas- I believe in freedom- I can see that you do to- solidarity.

  13. Thanks, Andreas. Another Crass snacklet, a 1979 interview on Swedish radio can be found here:


    Cheers, Dave Sez.

  14. Andreas, thanks for being cool. Walker, ta muchly for your sensitivity, much appreciated. And to celebrate the return of harmony and solidarity, today's Crass snacklet, a 1979 interview from Swedish radio. Get it here:


    Cheers, Dave Sez.


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