The Velvet Underground and Nico- Sceptre Studios Acetate (1966)

It’s April 1966 and at the Sceptre Studios The Velvet Underground are working on what will be the most influential record in the history of rock music. On 25th April a rough version of 9 of the albums’ 11 eventual tracks was committed to acetate. Each track is either a different mix or a different version of the completed work. It turns up in a New York flea market in 2002. The story goes that it was bought for 75cents. It later sold on e bay for $ 25,000… I didn't win it.
If you are familiar with the album this is a refreshing change. Obviously there’s a lot of surface noise but some of my vinyl copies of The Velvet Underground and Nico became equally crackly through overplay.
If you don’t know the album I suggest you buy it as soon as possible.

Lou Reed – vocals,lead and ostrich guitar
John Cale – electric viola,piano, bass, backing vocals
Sterling Morrison – lead & rhythm guitar, bass, backing vocals
Maureen Tucker – percussion
Nico – chanteuse

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  1. "Velvet Underground & Nico" is a masterpiece, but except for "I'll Be Your Mirror" I actually prefer the versions with Lou Reed vocals.

    It's amazing that this acetate was discovered, and not just thrown away into a landfill somewhere.
    Thanks for posting it!

    Velvet Underground are one of the bands that DOESN'T have a whole ton of live bootlegs floating around out there, so every little bit of original recorded output is treasured.


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