Stinky Toys-(1977) aka Plastic Faces (released 1990)

Stinky Toys had the distinction of playing on the second night of the 100 Club Punk Festival (September 21st 1976).
Formed in Rennes in 1976 the group was one of the continent’s first punk bands. At a time when major labels were keen to add so called new wave acts to their rosters, Stinky Toys signed to Polydor , but Mixed reviews for their single Boozy Creed in 1977 led to the cancellation of their eponymous album’s release outside France.
The record was eventually released internationally in 1990 as Plastic Faces, and met with critical disdain.

Elli Medeiros- vocals
Denis Quilliard, (alias Jacno, aka Jan Colrth) - guitar
Bruno Carone - guitar
Albin Dériat -bass
Hervé Zénouda –drums


  1. They were from Paris not Rennes.

  2. All my sources say Rennes- but that doesn't make it right of course))

  3. Hi,
    Thanks for the fine blog!
    About the Stinky Toys:
    They were the first French punk band, created the punk rock scène in the then deserted parisian musical world, in 1976. They played several London punk Festivals along with the Clash & the Sex Pistols. Elli appeared on the cover of Melody Maker & that convinced the until then extremely reluctant French record companies to sign them a deal. In two albums & less than forty gigs, the Stinky Toys became a legendary band, a reference.
    Jacno their brilliant leader was born as Denis Quillard, In the early 1980s, after the group disbanded, he teamed up with former Stinky Toys singer Elli Medeiros to form the pop duo Elli et Jacno. Jacno had also released a number of solo albums since 1979.
    A chain smoker, he took his professional name from the name of the graphic artist who drew the Gallic helmet logo of French Gauloises cigarettes brand.
    He died overnight between 5-6 November from cancer, aged 52.
    R.I.P Jacno ...
    I don't know who on Wikipedia has written that the Toys were from Rennes (a confusion with Marquis De Sade, maybe?) but it's like to say that the Pistols or the Clash were american.The Toys like Asphalt Jungle were typically parisian.
    The true Stinky Toys story can be find on the book "Nos années punks(1972/1978)" by Christian Eudeline
    Cheers from France

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