Walker says: In response to a comment on the Television Double Exposure post I went back to my sources and found that in my rush to post I had misread my notes- Double Exposure is a 1975 recording and does not feature Richard Hell, (although it was produced by Brian Eno and Richard Williams).

I've posted five Eno produced tracks now- and as they were recorded in 1974 , it is Richard Hell on bass.

Thanks to the anonymous reader who pointed out the error and apologies to those who were misled by it.

Enjoy the music and thanks for visiting.


  1. I am a bit confused. On the Double Exposure bootleg there are only 5 trax that were recorded with Eno and those DO feature Hell. On the CD version that I have the tracks are then demo'd again without Hell and these don't have Eno producing either. There is actually a bit of debate as to how much involvement Eno actually had earlier with the theory that Richard williams was merely using his name to try and get Island to sign TV. I think that is what you were saying as well.

  2. Hi Mona, there is a lot of conflicting information about these recordings, and different bootlegs present the same material in different formats and combinations. Some bootlegs have Fairland and Double Exposure as one package, with the first 5 tracks being repeated, as you say. I've posted them seperately.
    From what I've read Eno was involved months before Williams, but he didn't get the best out of the band.
    But I'm no expert on Television and i don't pretend to be)))
    Thanks for visiting


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