The Sonics- Here Are The Sonics (1965)

Conceived in 1964, released in 1965, but that’s enough about me…
If I was still as vibrant and energetic as this 1965 vintage I’d be more than happy. Seattle’s finest, a lo fi masterpiece recorded on two track. For those who love their genres it is the finest example of garage rock, and a precursor of punk, psychobilly and grunge (I prefer the catch all honest rock music). As Cub Koda writes on www.allmusic.com …the Sonics combined classic Northwest-area teen band raunch with early English band grit (particularly influenced by the Kinks), relentless rhythmic drive, and unabashed '50s-style blues shouting for a combination that still makes their brand of rock & roll perhaps the raunchiest ever captured on wax.

Line up:
Gerry Roslie —vocals, piano, organ
Andy Parypa — bass
Larry Parypa — guitar, vocals
Rob Lind — savocals, harmonica
Bob Bennett — drums

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