Ramones- Its Alive (1979- recorded 1977)

Hey, ho, let’s go…
If a traveller from another planet ever lands here at Walker Towers and asks the question what’s this rock n roll thing I’ll play him some Ramones.
Simple simple stuff. The brilliance lies in the simplicity, the raw energy.
The minimalism of the music is matched by the purity of the imagery:
Biker jackets, torn jeans, T shirts and Chuck Taylors.
Johnny and his Mosrite guitar. Bubblegum and John Holmstrom cartoon strips…
Recorded on December 31st 1977 at The Rainbow Theatre, London, although according to this 2008 interview with Marky Ramone - It's Alive was redone in the studio. You keep the drum track, and then Joey and Dee Dee and Johnny did it over in the studio.
Up to you whether you believe that or not.

Line up:
Joey Ramone - vocals
Johnny Ramone - guitar
Dee Dee Ramone - bass, backing vocals
Tommy Ramone - drums

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  1. Yeah, most live records were redone in the studio. This was too. Check the video. Still one of the greatest punk records ever!


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