Hindu Love Gods- (1990)

Hindu Love Gods were the late great Warren Zevon backed by Peter Buck, Bill Berry and Mike Mills of REM.
Hindu Love Gods made their first outing on vinyl as early as 1984, a single which went largely unnoticed. Then in 1987 Buck, Berry and Mills
played with Zevon on his Sentimental Hygiene album. According to the mythology these ten cover versions were recorded to use up the spare studio time. They are thumping blues rock numbers of the kind that I imagine would go down a storm in bars across the south.

Line up:
Warren Zevon- vocals , guitar
Peter Buck- guitar
Mike Mills- bass
Bill Berry- drums


  1. HEy thanks for the post and the info, I'd never heard that Warren played with the REM guys. I'm really looking forward to listening to this !!! Also if your into Warren Zevon the web sight Internet Archive @ http://www.archive.org/index.php
    has pretty much every live boot of Warren free for download, his son keeps adding to it as Warren had wished his music to be available to as many as posable and for free as far as the unofficial recordings that is... Keep buying any of Warren's great albums he was a true force of realism in a field of weak, plastic, pre packaged crap !!! Awhoooooo Draw Blood !

  2. Thanks for the info! enjoy the record


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