Stiff Little Fingers- At The Edge 7" (1980)

I know that I’ll never really grow up. I do grown up things, but when I stop and think about it, it seems that I am just playing. I’m past 40, and yet here I am writing about pop music, playing ‘records’ (all this is a virtual substitute for sitting next to my cheap turntable with the stack of singles, loving the smell, the feel…).
When I first heard this record I was 14 years old. I felt that it spoke to me directly, and I have to say that it still does. I still get excited by the frantic opening beats.
Get your feet back on the ground, son!
No, I don’t think I ever will…

If your not used to Jake's dulcet tones you can read the words here, although I remember one reviewer writing that compared to Cal of Discharge Jake sounded like Mario Lanza.

Line up:
Jake Burns - vocals,guitar
Henry Cluney - guitar,vocals
Ali McMordie - bass, vocals
Jim Reilly - drums

All The Best is available here: http://hangoverhard.blogspot.com/2008/04/stiff-little-fingers-all-best-dcd.html


  1. don't tell me about being 40 and all of that.....
    good record by the way...
    i think i have since then too
    keep on rockin'

  2. Yeah...but This is NOT the org 7 Inch.
    Its Ripped from "All The Best" And probably a CD rip.....
    Oh and over 40...ha ha..But you dont grow old on SLF:)



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