Buzzcocks- Time’s Up (1976)

For those of you who are only familiar with the Buzzcocks from their commercially successful Pete Shelley fronted days this will be a treat. The urgency of these songs and their hectic execution is a fantastic testament to the spirit of punk as it was in 1976. These recordings pre date the Spiral Scratch EP, which was a landmark in being the first punk record to be self-released, thus extending the do it yourself ethos from ‘anyone can be in a band’ to ‘anyone can release a record’.
No remix demos- all recorded live, no dubs, Revolution Studio Manchester, one afternoon October 1976.
Line up:
Howard Devoto, vocals
Steve Diggle- bass
John Maher- drums
Pete Shelley- starway guitar

Ripped from Mute CD (2000)


  1. Ah yes, anyone can set up their own record label. Thus do we see Punk in all its naked glory - as Thatchers true kinder, good little soldiers, capitalists.


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