Richard Hell and the Voidoids- Blank Generation (EP version) John Peel Show 10th December 1976.

Richard Hell was a definite 100% inspiration... torn and ripped t-shirt...this look, this image of the guy, this spiky hair...By being inspired by it I was going to imitate it and transform it into something more English - Malcolm McLaren
On December 10th 1976 John Peel’s BBC radio show was given over to a punk rock special. It featured The Damned in session, and tracks from The Sex Pistols, The Saints and a host of American groups who had influenced the development of punk, such as The Ramones, Television and Pere Ubu, along with earlier garage acts such as The Seeds.
This version of Blank Generation comes from the EP released by Stiff records.
I have a good remastered copy of the whole show. I’ll post it if anyone’s interested.


  1. Hi,

    I'm interested in hearing the whole thing! Sounds really great. Thanks for your terrific blog.


  2. Cheers Steve! Coming soon...

  3. Yeah! I'll second that one - whole show would be fascinating...


  4. Can't wait to hear it!

  5. Thanks for the interest folks- i'll post it on Friday morning.

  6. A good quality rip of the original Ork EP, released on the UK on Stiff, can be found at:


    In the comments section, further Television/Hell rarities I've found.

    Apologies and please delete this post if you prefer not to have links to other sites here, cheers, Dave Sez.


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