The June Brides- There Are Eight Million Stories ...(1985)

Morrissey's favourite group of 1985...
Formed in 1983, The June Brides had a major influence on the C86 type bands that followed in their wake. This was their only LP. It topped the Independent Albums Chart for a month and remained in the charts for 38 weeks.

Line Up:
Phil Wilson- vocals, guitar
Simon Beesley- guitar, vocals
Ade Carter- bass
Brian Alexis- drums
Frank Sweeney- viola & organ
Jon Hunter-trumpet

Read a good article by Dave Eggers on the June Brides and Phil Wilson here...


  1. Thanks for this Walker - gradually working my way through your posts ;)

  2. Do you have this album at all? (or have a link). Recently bought Shop Assistans only album but can't find this anywhere to try out.

  3. Matt,
    Which album ?
    The June Brides?

  4. Hi Walker,

    Thought you might be interested to know that Phil Wilson of The June Brides has a new album (actually his first solo album) coming out in November. It's called God Bless Jim Kennedy and it's great! Get in touch if you'd like to have a preview...the video for the lead single is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=92ejojMSoO0

    Best, Emmet.


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