Orange Juice-Texas Fever (1984)

Happy days at Burning Aquarium- this is our first post in response to a reader request. Keep them coming and we’ll do our best to fulfil your requirements.
Last month’s post of Postcard era Orange Juice singles has proved hugely popular.
3 years on and in many respects Orange Juice were a very different band, with Two UK top 40 LP’s and a top ten single under their belts. Great as their work for Postcard was, Orange Juice were by now more musically polished , and the use of more sophisticated production saw the band revealing their soulful side. The first five tracks on this mini LP were produced by Dennis Bovell, a reggae producer who had earlier made forays into punk with The Slits and also produced The Pop Group.
Line up:
Edwyn Collins – guitar, vocals
Malcolm Ross – guitar, vocals, keyboards
David McClymont – bass guitar, keyboards
Zeke Manyika – drums, vocals, percussion


  1. Another thing that I have on cassette, but unfortunately in storage is the last album that they did...'The Orange Juice' the beauty of the cassette was that the flip side was all these 12'' & extended mixes/ I haven't seen it on the blogosphere at all and is another request if you should have it. It is going to be at least another couple of months until i get myself organised and a chance to post it at my blog, if it hasn't turned up by then. Finally when I lived in London ( I left in 83) I was working at a great wee record shop in Kentish Town as well as working nights at Dingwalls in Camden and Bal and Alex from The Stingrays were good drinking partners as well as providing the soundtrack to many a mighty night out! (Memories.)

  2. I know this is a bit fussy of me, but I would HUGELY appreciate it if you could supply me (and others) with a 320kbps version, or > 192kbps.
    I can't find this ep anywhere apart from here, but I'm very sensitive to the sound quality :(
    It's partly an OCD sort of thing. If I see a 128/160kbps in my iTunes, no matter what it is I delete it and find myself a higher quality version immediately :)
    Anyway, I would be so grateful if you could upload a > 192 version.

  3. As it happens this is in my stack for ripping from vinyl in the next week or so.

  4. :D !!!!
    Strange why such a great (and popular) band haven't had all their stuff reissued yet...
    I'll be on the look out for your Texas Fever post. 320kbps I hope :)
    This is a great blog btw. You've got yourself a new visitor.


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