Richard Hell and the Voidoids - Blank Generation (1977)

Well, as further recompense for my error with the Television demos here’s a record that most definitely features Richard Hell.
After leaving Television in 1975 Hell went on to form firstly The Heartbreakers, with former members of the New York Dolls, and then The Voidoids.

Line up:
Richard Hell -bass, vocals
Marc Bell -drums
Ivan Julian -guitar, backing vocals
Robert Quine - guitar, backing vocals

The link has been removed following a complaint from the DMCA.
Consolation in some form may be found here: http://sonofexileonmoanstreet.blogspot.com/2010/11/heartbreakers-with-richard-hell-demos.html


  1. BTW,have yopu ever heard a song called "The Beat Generation", that was released back in the 50s by a man named Bob McFadden (actually rod McCuen backed by The Comets-Bill Haley's back up band).
    I swear, after so many years of loving R.Hell's "Blank Generation", this was a real shocker.
    http://www.mediafire.com/file/l4gf3lzjry3/Bob McFadden_ - _The Beat Generation.mp3

  2. Bob McFadden was Bob McFadden...Dor who was actually credited on the track as well was Rod McKuen. Hope that clarifies it a bit.

  3. Amazing, Ammutbite - indeed "after so many years of loving R.Hell's "Blank Generation", this was a real shocker." Thanks so much to you and Mona, and to Walker too.


    Dave Sez.


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