R.E.M- Ten Cover Versions (1984-1996)

On June 24th I posted a compilation of 10 of the many songs that R.E.M have covered down the years. As a companion to that post here are the R.E.M versions.

Toys in the Attic (Aerosmith) B side Fall On Me 12” (1986) Dead Letter Office LP (1987)
Ghost Rider (Suicide) Orange Crush UK 3” CD (1988)
Femme Fatale (The Velvet Underground) B side Superman UK 12” (1986) Dead Letter Office LP (1987)
Pale Blue Eyes (The Velvet Underground) B side So. Central Rain (I'm Sorry) 12” (1984) Dead Letter Office LP (1987)
Dark Globe (Syd Barrett) Orange Crush UK 3” CD (1988)
One (U2) performed by Automatic Baby (Michael and Mike with the 2 normal guys from U2) live on MTV, released on Childline album (1996)
Strange (Wire) Document LP (1987)
Love Is All Around (The Troggs) B side Radio Song (1991)
Crazy (Pylon) B side Wendell Gee 7” (1985) Dead Letter Office LP (1987)
Superman (The Clique) single & Life’s Rich Pageant LP (1986)

 Sorry, this is no longer available to download.

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