Ding Dong,

Some ladies rang my doorbell the other day. They wanted to speak to me about The Bible. I couldn't be bothered to tell them about my atheism ( ok, I pussied out). I didn't rant at them about the malign influence that religion has had on society for 2000 years or more. I couldn't be bothered to tell them my opinion about people's gullibility being used as another tool of oppression.

But it's given me an idea.

I'm going to take to the streets in my spare time, knocking on people's doors and telling them about the principles of anarchism, of true communism.

So the next time that your doorbell rings as your about to tuck into your tea, or you've just started watching the Eastenders omnibus, don't worry, it might not be the christians or the jehova's, it might just be the anarchists, here to give you a leaflet about Chomsky or Colin Ward. To open your eyes to the possibility of a future that is not based on capital and oppression, but on co operation.

As the christian lady said-I'm sure that we are all worried about the future of the planet...


  1. I once met god and she told me that she didn't exist...

  2. Oh, the fucking banality.


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