Llygod Ffyrnig -NCB 7" (1978)

Here we have the first Welsh language punk record.
Llygod Ffyrnig formed in Llanelli in December 1977.
Schooldays= oppression.
Bright spots= things like this record.
A boy with Llygod Ffyrnig written in chalk on the back of his blazer...
For younger readers NCB was the National Coal Board- the state run coalmining industry in the UK from 1946-1994.

Gary Beard- guitar
Julian Lewis- drums
Hywel Peckham- guitar
Dafydd Rhys- vocals
Pete Williams- bass


  1. Cool record. What happened to these guys?

  2. Have a look here: http://link2wales.co.uk/south-wales-a-m/south-wales-l/

    Ltd. Edition

  3. NCB written in Swansea University Hendrefoelan student village with everyone jammed into one room amps guitars drums managers roadies uppers downers mmm lovely. Stolen from Hawkwind Master of the Universe in part and just bits of everyone then. Lyrics by Gary Meville. Good man I miss seeing him. Came to my house and explained to my mum i was going to be in a welsh punk band then stubbed out his rolly and gobbed on it in an ornamental shoe. My mum loved him. Welsh language you see always counted for so much.Rest of it though credited to Gary Beard for Sais ( wrong) was all written in my mums front room by Daf abd myself. I told Daf we needed to say something politically inflammatory and he came up with Sais lyrics and I did the tune. We also did Merched Glanllyn ready to go and play there but we were banned by them and stopped from playing there. Cariad y bus stop was really about Doris the Roadie sadly not with us anymore RIP who had a much talked about thing with a local girl. We wanted to have a SAHB next feel to it and the end bit is really the best with I sniff cats and cats sniff me which involved everyone we knew. So probably double Econ was missed and 20 Rothmans a coouple of valium and maybe a sniff of rum added to create something at least.


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