Ian Dury & The Blockheads- Juke Box Dury (1981)

That guy sounds like he has a tongue disease- Lou Reed
Funny, I remember buying this on vinyl but I also remember the last time that I saw my vinyl copy!
In the summer of 1991 my old friend R was living in a remote farmhouse overlooking Carmarthen Bay. He had a party one Saturday- I can’t remember what the occasion was, if indeed there was one. In the week leading up to the party he specifically asked me if I had any Ian Dury that I could ‘lend’ him. Torn between a realisation that the ‘loan’ would probably be very extended and the desire to please him, I chose this LP rather than any of the ‘proper’ studio albums. After all, it had only cost about three quid and it was getting a bit scratchy.
By mid afternoon on the day of the party the guests were already outnumbering the population of the nearby village. We arrived from all points and gathered in one of the two tiny pubs on the village square. I remember one of my mates as if it was yesterday- He had flip up shades and a bollocks to the poll tax t shirt, on the seat next to him in the pub was a stack of Happy Mondays, Stone Roses and Inspiral Carpets records- no bag.
I asked him how he’d got there- he’d missed the train and walked eight miles, along the railway line! Then he’d cut across the fields to the village. ‘My fucking feet are killing me’- he was wearing flip flops.
I don’t remember much after that- smoking in the garden and watching the string of lights as miles below a train edged around the rim of the coastline.
And my Ian Dury LP, in its worn but still lurid sleeve, leaning by the hi fi.

This is a best of compilation of Ian’s Stiff Recordings.

The line up, generally speaking:
Ian Dury - vocals
Wilko Johnson / Chaz Jankel - guitars, backing vocals
Johnny Turnbull - guitars, backing vocals
Mick Gallagher - keyboards, synthesisers
Norman Watt-Roy - bass
Charley Charles - drums
Davey Payne - saxophone


  1. Hi, Thanks for the Ian Dury post ! Been listening to him recently and have found some rather good live boots too witch are really cool to hear (never got to see him live =( ) I'll leave the links hear for ya ok...


    Enjoy !

  2. Thanks too, RB. Here's another you may not have. It's a big download as the files are in lossless FLAC format which plays with Winamp.

    Ian Dury & The Blockheads - Kentish Town Forum, 18th October, 1998.

    BBC Broadcast, as a tribute on 1st April, 2000.

    http://www.megaupload.com/?d=YRTYJ4EW 461.64mb.

    01 - Intro
    02 - Wake Up, Make Love With Me
    03 - Clever Trevor
    04 - The Passing Show
    05 - What A Waste
    06 - Billericay Dickie
    07 - Honeysuckle Highway
    08 - Heavy Livin'
    09 - Reasons To Be Cheerful
    10 - Sweet Gene Vincent
    11 - Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick
    12 - Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll

    Also includes: BBC concert, unknown date, 1978.

    13 - Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll
    14 - 14 - Wake Up, Make Love With Me

    Thanks to Davey, who originally posted here:

    Cheers, Dave Sez.

  3. what a top description, thanks for that

  4. As this is the only post tagged under Wilko, this is probably the best place to give you this link - to an essential piece of Feelgoods film, live in 1975 with a frenetic guitar-slashing, audience-shooting Wilko in top form.

    Dr. Feelgood - Live At The Kursaal, Southend-on-Sea, UK November 8, 1975
    AVI Video

    1. Going Back Home
    2. I Can Tell
    3. All Through The City
    4. I'm A Hog For You Baby
    5. Riot In Cell Block No. 9
    6. Roxette
    7. Shouldn't Call The Doctor
    8. Route 66
    9. Back In The Night - Promo Video

    2 x RS, 314 MB at:


    Dave Sez: go get, you won't regret!

  5. The 1975 audio CD which accompanied the above DVD posted at floppybootstomp (but not included in their download) can be found here:


    Wilko live in Tokyo (2000) can be found here:


    Wilko Johnson & Lew Lewis Band - Bottle Up And Go! [1983], Hope and Anchor Front Row Festival 1977 (incl. Wilko), the compilation Wilko Johnson - Back In The Night [2002], Steve Hooker And Wilko Johnson - Back In The Day [one single, 1988], Wilko Johnson - Red Hot Rocking Blues [2004] and several records by the Pirates, Inmates, Count Bishops, Dr Feelgood et al can all be found here:


    Cheers, Dave Sez.


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