Pillows & Prayers - Cherry Red 1982-83 (1982)

Cherry Red Records was always about musical individuality, diversity, character, commitment and passion... Ian McNay.
Cherry Red started of as one of the many D-I-Y punk labels, but by the early 1980’s founder Ian McNay felt that the independent music scene was becoming narrow, with labels such as Factory being a brand which precluded certain acts from being taken on board. Mc Nay believed that what he termed ‘light music’ had a place in the independent scene, and signed artists that did not adhere to the limitations of the post punk scene at the time. In doing so the label
helped define a new aesthetic in independent music.

This LP cost 99 pence. I seem to remember that a pint of lager was about 50 pence in 1982, but that might be completely wrong.
Still makes me think of cider from plastic bottles, the smell of hairspay and worn black denim and Antigone by Jean Anouilh.

Featured acts:

Five Or Six, The Monochrome Set, Thomas Leer, Tracey Thorn, Ben Watt, Kevin Coyne ,
Piero Milesi , Joe Crow, Marine Girls, Felt, Eyeless in Gaza, The Passage,
Everything But The Girl, Attila the Stockbroker, The Misunderstood, The Nightingales,
Quentin Crisp .


  1. I remember buying this album o the way to a football match in Glasgow. The one I bought was a picture disc which I'm sure was of the same little girl on the cover.

  2. That's one advantage of CDs over vinyl in my opinion- easier to stock up on sounds on the way to football. I never felt comfortable holding LPs on the terraces! It would be less of a worry in these all seater days of course...

  3. Beautiful Pillows are available at Spacify. You must have a look...They are stylish and durable.

  4. Henry, you can stick your pillows up your arse.

  5. I had this album as a picture disc just dowloaded the three disc special to re life my mis-spent youth

  6. A vital part of early 80s life.

    I played this LP again and again. Folks can you remember just how important this was, how important music was back then?

    Just before smack and AIDS hit London and we all lost so many great friends

    Ah well-gotta keep moving on.

  7. Can' believe smack & aids hit athens BEFORE london... Oh well... beautiful record, wish I could get it. Rapidshare kinda sucks...


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