Earlier takes of songs featured on Kicking Against The Pricks by Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds

In 1986, for their, third studio album, Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds, looking like the house band from a David Lynch dream sequence, released a selection of cover versions- Kicking Against The Pricks.
What we have here are earlier versions of the songs featured on that LP.
I’m not saying that these are the original or even definitive versions of the songs- just earlier versions.
Not to be confused with Original Seeds (vol 1&2) or The Roots of Nick Cave- I ploughed/ plowed through /thru my collection to put this one together, so the br is extremely v. I was going to post The Bad Seeds versions as well, but the album was re issued back in April.

Let’s see:
Muddy Waters- Johnny Cash
I’m Gonna Kill That Woman- John Lee Hooker
Sleeping Anneleah- Tom Jones
The Long Black Veil- Johnny Cash
Hey Joe- The Leaves
The Folk Singer- Johnny Cash
Black Betty- James Ironhead Baker
Running Scared- Roy Orbison
All Tomorrow’s Parties- The Velvet Underground and Nico
By The Time I Get To Phoenix- Glenn Campbell
The Hammer Song- Alex Harvey
Something’s Gotten Hold Of My Heart- Gene Pitney
Jesus Met The Woman At The Well- Mahalia Jackson
The Carnival Is Over- The Seekers


  1. Sounds good! I am out of bandwidth for a couple of days but when it returns I will...by the way ~ do you have those 'Original Seeds' CD's, some bastard stole a whole heap of my NC stuff (incl. a brilliant recording that I did of Bad Seeds live in Amsterdam at the Paradiso! Bastard! O well...) Would love to hear those two albums again, at least you have reminded me what they were called!

  2. I've definately got Vol 1 on CD Mona. I can post it in about one week if you'd like?
    I'm sure Vol 2 is gettable as well.

  3. That would be magnificent my friend. They were compiled (and released) here in Melbourne and yet I haven't seen them around for a long time.


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