The Hepburns- Goalmouth Incident 12” (1987)

I first heard this record in one of those high ceilinged Victorian mental hospital wards. I was working with Matt Jones’ brother Jim and the day he received his copies of the record he was putting on a disco for the patients. The usual Tom Jones and Showaddywaddy fare was interspaced with numbers from The Smiths and tracks off this EP.
The Hepburns come from Llanelli and I knew the four guys who played on this, their first outing on vinyl.
Now, 22 years later ( no idea what happened to my 1987 copy) I’ve just managed to get hold of a copy from Japan.
The Hepburns (with Matt Jones and Mike Thomas from the original line up) are still going strong, and, much as I urged people to buy this EP 22 years ago, I would urge you to support them by picking up what you can of their more readily available releases from Radio Khartoum , where you can also find a free download of a recording of the tracks from their 1989 Peel Session.

Les Mun- drums
Matthew Jones- vocals
AD Clement- guitars
Michael Thomas- bass

UPDATE- 23.07.09- I've been alerted to quality problems with this transfer. I'm working to fix these problems and as soon as I have managed this I will I re up this record . Until then be warned that the sound quality is poor. I'll let you all know when this is fixed and apologies to any readers who have been disappointed by this.

UPDATE- 24.07.09- The problem is now resolved ( input levels were too high, causing distortion if you're interested in such things). The new link should be up by 12:00 BST tomorrow. Thanks pop pickers.

UPDATE- 24.07.09- Fixed! New rip, new link.


  1. Thank you very much for this one. I'm still a fan of their first album.

  2. You're welcome BF- they should have been massive

  3. The sound is distorted. Is there anything you can do?

  4. I'll re up it tomorrow- fresh rip- let me know if the problem persists

  5. Ok, I re ripped the record but the problem persisted- this will need further investigation. Bear with me and I'll get it sorted as soon as i can. Ironically the disc itself is in beautiful condition.

  6. OK- problem is fixed to the best of my ability- thanks to Brousse Foqueusstone for taking the trouble to point out the problem.


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