Happy Mondays- Squirrel and G Man Twenty Four Hour Party People Plastic Face Carnt Smile (White Out) (1987) + Desmond.

This, the Happy Mondays first LP is often overlooked. Some critics have described it as a false start. Shaun Ryder once said that the band were, at the time, modelling their sound on The Doors, making ‘music with gaps’, but he could have been having a laugh. The great John Cale produced. There is a tremendous energy and drive to the songs, and the bass is prominent and funky.
Initial copies of the album included the track Desmond, a re working of The Beatles’ Obla di, and legal action from the owners of that song’s copyright (namely Michael Jackson, proving what a cunt he was) forced the album’s withdrawal. Personally I’ve always thought of Desmond as one of the bands weaker tracks, and it was replaced by 24 Hour Party People- cheers Michael!

Shaun Ryder- vocals
Paul Ryder- bass
Mark Day- guitar
Gary Whelan- drums
Paul Davis- keyboards
Mark Berry- percussion

Here we have a CD rip:

And here is Desmond, ripped from the original vinyl album:


  1. what about a tracklist, my friend?

  2. Well, if I put together a compilation I include a tracklist. If I post a single I might list the b-side. I'm posting the Original Seeds next week, and I'm including tracklistings there. But as for regular studio albums I never include tracklists and I never will- Amazon, Discogs or Wikipeadia will have tracklistings for most of the albums you find on here.
    Enjoy the music.

  3. Oh, and for Peel Sessions the website Keeping it Peel has the listings.

  4. Thank you! Looking forward to the tracklist!

  5. How about those track lists Eddie?


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