DEVO- Live (1981)

Am I alone in thinking that the 'whacky' imagery of this group (you know, the jumpsuits, ziggurat hats and big geeky glasses) was actually very sinister? Whatever, the music was good, and performed live it has a nice hard energy to it.
Originally recorded for The King Biscuit Flower Hour live at the Fox Warfield San Francisco, 16 August 1980. This is a rip of the Virgin 12” release. The EP spent three weeks at the top of the Australian charts in 1981.

Mark Mothersbaugh – guitar, keyboards, vocals
Gerald V. Casale – bass guitar, keyboards, vocals
Bob Casale – guitar, keyboards, vocals
Bob Mothersbaugh – guitar, vocals
Alan Myers – drums


  1. Wow - I wore this one out on vinyl and tape as a kid - the versions of Be Stiff and Gates of Steel are especially tasty. Looking forward to downloading tonight!

  2. I hadn't played it for years- sounded just as good as i remembered it. Better in fact. Enjoy- thanks for your support.


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