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Dazed and Confused probably don't need a plug from Burning Aquarium, but admirers of Devo might be interested in this article , which looks at their influence on some modern acts.
In the next few weeks I'll be posting a couple of old Devo singles...

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  1. Any Devo fan can't miss the wonderful Eggcityradio site - not only does Sharity provide the two CDs of four-track Devo demos from 1974-77 (Hardcore Devo Vols 1&2) but also a bunch of early live gigs ... go get'em! And the cherry on the cake is that you download from his server, not via a file-hosting service like Rapidshare, so no waiting!

    Devo - “E-Z Listening Disc” (ZIP file)
    Devo - “Hardcore Devo, Vol. 1″ (ZIP file)
    Devo - “Hardcore Devo, Vol. 2″ (ZIP file)
    Devo - “Live: The Mongoloid Years” (ZIP file)
    Devo - “Recombo DNA”, disc 1 (ZIP file)
    Devo - “Recombo DNA”, disc 2 (ZIP file)
    Devo - “Ultracore, 1974-77″ (ZIP file)

    All available at:
    http://www.eggcityradio.com/?p=311 and

    Cheers, Dave Sez.

    PS: Eggcityradio is also a mecca for Magazine and Howard Devoto fans - five classic live recordings:

    Magazine - Back To Nature: Boston ‘79 (ZIP file)
    Magazine - Hurrah’s, NYC, 08.02.79 (ZIP file)
    Magazine - San Francisco, CA, 08.15.80 (ZIP file)
    Magazine - Toronto, Canada, 08.21.80 (ZIP file)
    Magazine - live on “Rockpalast”, Berlin, Germany, 10.30.80 (ZIP file)

    Available at:


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