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Nestor Makhno said: ANARCHISM - a life of freedom and creative independence for humanity.
Anarchism does not depend on theory or programs, which try to grasp man's life in its entirety. It is a teaching, which is based on real life, which outgrows all artificial limitations, which cannot be constricted by any system.
Anarchism's outward form is a free, non-governed society, which offers freedom, equality and solidarity for its members. Its foundations are to be found in man's sense of mutual responsibility, which has remained unchanged in all places and times. This sense of responsibility is capable of securing freedom and social justice for all men by its own unaided efforts. It is also the foundation of true communism.
Anarchism therefore is a part of human nature, communism its logical extension.

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  1. Увы, Нестор Иванович слишком доверчиво относился к Ленину, надеясь на возможное сосуществование. Видимо уничтожение анархистов в Москве и Питере в 1918ом не убедило.
    Впрочем, не верилось в абсолютное предательство всех идеалов революции и предстоящюю "диктатуру пролетариата" не только анархистам. Меньшевики, эсеры и матросы Крондштата тоже вовремя не отреагировали...а жаль.


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