The Subhumans- Time Flies... But Aeroplanes Crash 12" EP (1983)

The Subhumans came from Wiltshire and initially signed to Flux of Pink Indians’ Spiderleg label. They cited their influences as being Crass, The Damned, King Crimson and Frank Zappa!
This 8 track EP from 1983 brings us some tuneful, technically accomplished anarchopunk . There’s even a piano driven song! They sound more like a 1977 band than their crusty contemporaries.
line up:
Dick Lucas - vocals,occasional piano
Grant Jackson - bass
Bruce Treasure - guitar,vocals,occasional drums
Trotsky - drums


  1. The Subhumans, they were great! The used to peform a lot in my (dutch) hometown. Their records weren't for sale in the Low Countries, but thanks to these visits we were able to get our hands on these albums & tapes. My fave's still "from the craddle to the grave". Dick started Citizen Fish & Culture Shock later. "Punks on postcards" was one of my favs! Thanks for these tracks!

  2. Glad to oblige! enjoy the music


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