Rockabilly Psychosis and the Garage Disease (1984)

This was a must have compilation from the rockabilly revival /psychobilly era.
Side one featured legends from the USA sixties garage or outsider scenes before rounding off with a live track from revivalists the Meteors.
Side two brought us some contemporary bands (including the sensational The Gun Club- a bit misplaced here I thought but genius nevertheless).
Honest rock n roll music with a twist of B movie horror, flying saucer madness and the genuine psychosis of artists like Hasil Adkins and The Legendary Stardust Cowboy.
I gave this a spin for the first time in years the other night- there’s plenty of clicks and scratches, but they really do add to the atmosphere.
Play it on the back porch and see what crawls out of the swamp…


  1. That's a Grrreeaaat record!! I owe it (vinyl of course!!) since 89 or 90, can't remember very well. But I do have it, and I am some proud of it… Psychobilly69

  2. hey man.. the link is dead.. can you reupload it? do you know some information about this band called "Panther"? discograpshy and stuff..you know.. let me know please..thanks..

  3. Ok- thanks for pointing that out- the link is now fixed.
    Panther? Are they on this album? if so you need to check under Tav Falco's panther Burns? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tav_Falco%27s_Panther_Burns

  4. Hey ho let's go....thanks for this....I (believe it or not) used to use the track which went along the lines of...."do the eye gouge" as a little sweetner for drama improvisation way back when such 'education' was common place....

    This collection....as I recall was a two ton classic of warped yummies.....and thanks for posting....


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