This Mortal Coil- It'll End In Tears (1984)

An ethereal collection of songs by artists who were, at the time, signed to the 4AD label. The quintessential 4AD LP?
Who does what is here.
And from the 4AD website: This Mortal Coil's full-length debut, It'll End In Tears, arrived in October 1984 and was a long-term feature at the top of the UK Indie charts. In addition to the Cocteaus, this brilliantly-woven aural tapestry featured members of 4AD artists Colourbox, Dead Can Dance, Modern English, Xmal Deutschland and The Wolfgang Press, plus ex-Magazine/Buzzcocks frontman Howard Devoto and celebrated cellist Martin McCarrick ...

My link got killed off, but there's a good download here: http://thisisnthqhiphop.blogspot.com/2011/09/this-mortal-coil-itll-end-in-tears-1984.html


  1. Hi, great blog!
    It's very difficult to find this record

    It's a compilation with Tuxedomoon, Isabel Antena and others from Les Disques de Crepuscole.

    do you know it? Thanks very much

  2. Thanks Enrico,
    I don't have the record you're looking for- looks like a good compilation.
    I've had a look but I can't find any links to it. If I come accross it I'll post a comment here.


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