The Wedding Present- Tommy 1985-1987 (1988)

I’ve always thought that The Wedding Present was an inappropriate name for a pop group — more like a poem, or a book or something — and therefore quite attractive (to me!). I’ve also always been fascinated by weddings... David Gedge
I have been unable to locate the origin of the phrase it’s grim up north. At a time when independent music was descending into tweeness the sound of The Weddoes, the scratchy urgency of their songs and the flat anguish of Gedge’s singing, was , well, very real .
Even though describing a pretty hopeless life, their gritty kitchen sink dramas, documenting disappointment and portraying relationships as dour wars of attrition between mutually uncomprehending parties, were a breath of fresh air.
Tommy (1985–1987) released in July 1988 is a compilation of their first four singles, and selected tracks from two early radio sessions. Readers please note: The band originate in Leeds, but I have made no reference to the Gang of Four…
Line up:
David Gedge – vocals, guitar
Peter Solowka – guitar
Keith Gregory – bass
Shaun Charman – drums (tracks2-12)
with: Julian Sowa – drums (track 1)
Mike Stout – guitar (track 8)


  1. Awesome band, great album. Found the vynil lying comfortably forgoten at an antiques shop. The man who owns the store didn't even know about that possesion and told of his deceased son (a victim of aids)and his wild times at teenage times. We laugh a lot talking about it and finally figured it sure was his, Yet where it was it kind of struck him odd and we went back to the same shelve I found the album, and right there -at the corner of a big ol' house that was the bussines home of this guy, laid perfectly what seemed to be a shrine of most valuables memorabilia of his son. The passing had been recent and he had the slightest clue his son left them his most precious scatered in display for sale at his mourning site --away from the woman at home who cried along with him, and hate it that.
    The guy broke down crying. We stood there mesmerized at the things that where there (records, two gibson guitars, fourtracks recorders, cans of magnetic strips, a 'super 8' picture recorder, a lot of good stuf I couldn't afford, sadly).
    Then, out of sheer silence the sad dad told me -to my surprise- "pick whatever you want, that 'one' item is on the house kid", he stopped, got a good glance of the 'altar', took off the price tag of the few expensive items that had been tag (most certaintly by his own dead son) and told me on a whispery voice, "Thank you kid".

    Went out that shop with 'Tommy' by The Wedding Present and a gorgeous Les Paul Jr. and this amazing experience. Visti Antiqs

  2. Thanks very much for taking the time to comment. I often wonder, when picking up such treasures in second hand stores etc, what tragedies have led to their being there...


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