Two Rolling Stones songs-Shockabilly- 19th Nervous Breakdown (1983)-The Mo-Dettes-Paint It, Black (1980)

Dug out these two Rolling Stones covers from that box of 7” records.
Two interesting bands, well worth five minutes on Wikipedia.
Chadbourne and Kramer have worked with talents from John Zorn to Half Japanese whilst The Mo-Dettes provide the unlikely link between The Slits and The Communards.
The Mo-Dettes single is the most warped record I have ever seen!

Eugene Chadbourne- guitar vocals
Mark Kramer- bass, organ
David Licht- drums

The Mo-Dettes
Ramona Carlier- vocals
Kate Korus- guitar
June Miles-Kingston- drums
Jane Crockford- bass


  1. Thanks - Mo-Dettes were a fave back in college. But for warped covers, have you heard the Slits' "I Heard It Through the Grapevine"?

  2. Hi Jeffrey- Yes! Love The Slits- posted their version of Grapevine here: http://burningaquarium.blogspot.com/2009/03/various-artists-we-do-em-our-way-1980.html
    By the way, by warped I meant actually physically distorted- watching that Mo-Dettes single on the turntable was making me sea sick))
    Thanks for reading- enjoy the music


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