So Bono's 'Elvis poem' is crap?

What a shock. after such gems as:
A mole digging in a hole/Digging up my soul now/Going down, excavation/I and I in the sky/You make me feel like I can fly/So high, elevation
The heart is a bloom/Shoots up through the stony ground/There's no room/No space to rent in this town
My love, she throws me like a rubber ball/(Oh, the sweetest thing.)/But she won’t catch me or break my fall...
He doesn't do those on his own does he?
What were you expecting, Fucking Ted Hughes?
Elvis son of Tupelo/ Elvis mama’s boy/ Elvis the twin brother of Jesse who died at birth and was buried in a shoe box
Nick Cave anyone? I think the old Aussie has covered this theme at great length already (a novel and a couple of albums at least) without resorting to such peurile dross as:
Elvis the bumper stickers/ Elvis the white knickers/ Elvis the white nigger ate at Burger King and just kept getting bigger.
Wesley Willis would have consigned that to the litter bin.
Another section reads:
Elvis white trash/ Elvis the Memphis flash/ Elvis didn’t smoke hash and woulda been a sissy without Johnny Cash...
Thats the thing about the stadium rock mentality I suppose, a bit like the Wizard of Oz, take away the smoke and the lasers and the corporate adulation (like the BBC heap on this crock of shite) and it's nothing really is it? No substance. Just bollocks. Leather trousered bollocks in daft shades just spouting words that don't actually mean a fucking thing.


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