Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry- Reggae Greats (1980)

If you only ever get one Lee Perry LP this should be it.
If you only ever get one reggae LP this should be it.
If you were only ever going to get one LP you could do worse.
I’m not going to try to eulogise the eccentric genius of Perry here- that would take millions of words.
A few weeks back I predicted a heatwave- stock up on summer sounds to help stay cool- start here.
All tracks recorded at the legendary Black Ark Studio, Kingston, JA- 1975-1977.


  1. always welcome! enjoy the summer

  2. Brilliant stuff. Thanks!!! I have put a link to this post on my blog ... http://powercorruptionandlieslieslies.blogspot.com/

    Listening to this has put me in the mood for a reggae fest. Please visit my blog and help yourself to anything you like :)

  3. Thanks for linking to the blog rather than just copying the download link.
    Some good stuff on your blog, I like it.

  4. As someone who doesn't own much reggae, I'm gonna take your advice and give this one a spin.

    I always thought Lee Perry was considered more "dub" than "reggae," but I'll see if it'll grow on me anyway.


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