Spoil your vote...

The process of democracy cannot recognise that the majority of people would prefer an option beyond the various flavours of bourgeois sovereignty on offer, and as democracy is nothing more than a tool of that very sovereignty, it never will.
There will never be a box that will allow us as dissenters to state 'none of the above'.
People will go on voting for what they percieve to be the lesser of the evils, or motivated by nostalgia, or in the flawed belief that they have some moral obligation to vote.
That doesn't mean to say that if your tired of the whole charade that you should stay away from polling stations. By totally abstaining the point you're making is not clear- millions of people won't vote because they don't care less or they don't understand the extent to which they are oppressed or there's something on TV or it's just something that they don't do. I'd rather turn up at the polling booth and make some sort of a statement . Spoiled ballot papers are counted...So long as there's no place on the ballot paper to record disapproval of the farce of democracy in a capitalist state you need to improvise a bit. Spoil the paper, make your point. State your position on the ballot paper. Spoiled papers do more to undermine the credibility of any elected body than a low turn out.I can reveal that in the forthcoming Euro elections I will be writing the following quote from Chummy Fleming on the paper:

I am opposed to your Government and to your authority.
Down with them. Do your worst. Long live Anarchy.

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