The Partisans (1983)

This really is a classic. The Partisans, a young band from Bridgend in south Wales, came up with one of the best punk albums of the early eighties.
Although they often cropped up on Oi complilations, they were more honest to goodness punk than just terrace chants, with plenty of social conciousness and ire evident in their lyrics.
This is a rip of the No Future vinyl release.

Louise- bass
Shark- drums
Spike - vocals
Lealand- guitar


  1. Anonymous- if you're looking at the wordpress version of Burning Aquarium you won't see the link, if you're looking at http://burningaquarium.blogspot.com/ click the white button that says Partisans.
    All the best.

  2. Hello! Thanks for sharing this fantastic vinyl rip of yours. The quality is really awesome and the album is awesomer since it's The Partisans, hey!

    Anywayz, I;d like to ask for a little favor. Although the rest of your rip is totally great, in the "partisans" track (the tenth track of the album) there is a bump, skip I don't know how is it called in around the middle of the song.

    Is there any possibility that you could rerip just this one song??

    Thanks and cheers from Greece!!

  3. Hi John and thanks for taking the trouble to contribute. Unfortunately any faults in the sound quality are a result of defects on the vinyl so there's nothing I can do about it. The bumps and skips are part of the deal with 30 year old punk records))
    All the best

  4. ah, okay, i thought that maybe it was a fault of the rip or something like that. If it's because the vinyl is scratched etc. then you;re you cannot fix it.

    anywayz thanks for the great rip, I'll have to check the rest of ur releases too!


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