The Monochrome Set- The Strange Boutique (1980)

I fascinate, infatuate emphatically...

When I was first seized by the desire to share my music collection with you this band were high on my list of priorities. I played them to death in drunken parties in the nineties, aghast at the fact that so few people remembered them. I still can't figure out why they received so little attention in the mainstream media. Perhaps they were just too stylish, just too cool? Or was it that they didn't fit easily into any pigeonhole?

In the field of quantum mechanics Dr David Deutsch of Oxford University is producing some excellent work that shows that Professor Hugh Everett's theory of parallel universes is not as far fetched as it initially appeared, I can only hope that somewhere in the multiverse The Monochrome Set are enjoying the reverence that The Beatles enjoy in this particular little branch of the everything...

Bid - vocals, guitar
Lester Square - guitar, vocals
Andy Warren - bass , vocals
J.D. Haney - drums, percussion, vocals
Bob Sargeant- keyboards, vocals


  1. Thanks for this Walker. I must confess to being ignorant of The Monochrome Set so consider the good word spread.

  2. Thanks! It would be great to post Scarlet's Well... as well, the daughter band Bid built

  3. Wow, thanks for the first MS record! I've been looking for it for ages! Cheers from Brazil.


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