The Southern Death Cult - Fatman / The Girl/ Moya 12” (1982)

How common are Native American fixations in Bradford?
The SDC, earliest incarnation of Rock Monsters The Cult, were certainly pretty into the culture of the aboriginal peoples of the Americas. They had a heavy gothic sound (it was known at the time as Positive Punk- the sound and the image that evolved into Goth) and unsurprisingly supported acts such as Theatre of Hate and Bauhaus during their brief career (Oct 81- Feb 83).
This is a vinyl rip...

Buzz- guitar
Aky- drums
Barry- bass
Ian- vocals

A contemporary article from the NME here.


  1. When its written on paper, well on the screen to be more accurate, the SDC fixation on all things Native American from a gang of former punks from Bradford does seem a tad ridiculous.

    However my 12/13 year old self listening to them on Peel for the first time was hugely impressed by their sound and image...next to Crass they probably made the most impact on my teenage psyche.

    Just missed seeing SDC by a whisker and had to make do with the Death Cult a couple of years later at Leeds Futurama festival...obviously things become a little hazy as the years go by but I do remember being hugely impressed.

    I must admit by the time of the Love album, my interest had waned a little; the transformation from posi-punk proto-goth to stadium rawk guitar heroes was a move too far.
    Guns & Roses & The Cult seem to have merged in my memory and aside from The Howling mix of She Sells Sanctuary, I much prefer their three syllable sound.

    Thanks so much for sharing this 12 Inch, I stupidly got rid of all my vinyl years ago, not realising my middle-aged self would want an occasional nostalgia trip, so I am really glad there are people like you around who were not as stupid as I was in that regards!

  2. Thanks for taking the time to comment- it's a great buzz getting contributions like this. Sadly I also ditched loads of vinyls.
    Keep coming back and enjoy!


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