Easy- Magic Seed (1990)

Easy were from Jönköping in Sweden -also the hometown of The Cardigans
This album outsold Sonic Youth's debut on the same Blast First label.
I can think of no better example of the dreamy, melodic, guitar driven sound that dominated early nineties indie music.
Even If you don’t like the music this record is worth having for the sleeve.

Line up:
Johan Holmlund –vocals
Tommy Ericsson –guitar
Rikard Jormin –bass
Anders Petersson -keyboards, guitar,
Tommy Jonsson -drums


  1. EASY are back! On 31st July 2010 they will perform the "Magic Seed" album from start to finish at the Emmaboda festival in Sweden.
    Let´s hope for more shows...

  2. Wow just found out about this today, am really excited, though I've no chance of making it to Emmaboda. I guess its highly unlikely they'll be coming to London again...


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