The Birthday Party- Drunk on the Pope’s Blood. Lydia Lunch - The Agony is the Ecstacy (1982) Split 12"

The Birthday Party side of this split 12” was subtitled 16 Minutes Of Sheer Hell. There was a frenzied wrath about The Birthday Party's live performances, and violence was never far beneath the surface.
The Lydia Lunch track is a plangent dirge set against a great soundscape of feedback and distorted guitars underpinned by a solid gothic drum beat.
Dark stuff indeed.
Line ups:
Birthday Party:
Phil Calvert- drums
Tracy Pew- bass
Mick Harvey- guitar
Rowland S Howard- guitar
Nick Cave- vocals

Lydia Lunch:
Christian Hoffman- drums
Steven Severin- guitar
Murray Mitchell- guitar
Lydia Lunch- vocals

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