Flowered Up -A Life With Brian (1991).

This is one of those hideously discoloured CDs from the early 90’s. Anyone else noticed that? They just turn a strange sepia colour.

Inspired by Madchester and inevitably branded London’s own Happy Mondays , Flowered Up were going to be the next big thing. They featured on the cover of NME before they’d released a record and were the hottest ticket in town.
I’ve got vague memories of seeing a piece on Heavenly records on SnubTV, (cracking programme) Flowered Up, The Manics and St Etienne.
This LP and classic 12” Weekender (the testament of the club/rave culture of the era) were about it as far as their recorded output was concerned. To quote the Heavenly site the core of the band succumbed to the toil of excessive drug abuse and imploded.
Keyboard player Tim Dorney went on to form Republica.
If you come across The Best of Flowered Up it comprises this album and the original version of Weekender.

Liam Maher- vocals
Tim Dorney- keyboards
Joe Maher- guitar
Andy Jackson- bass
John Tovey- drums
Barry Mooncult- freaky dancin’ in a flower suit


  1. Hi!!!!! You're far more than awesome for posting this. I've been seeking this for about two years. !!

  2. Well, I hope you enjoy it Simon- thanks for your support.

  3. My gods, I keep forgetting this came out nearly twenty years ago! Twenty freakin' years! Strange when you think of the period from 1970 to 1990 which covers the same time frame and yet the sheer number of meta musical revolutions in that period compared to the micro musical revolutions that have occured in the last twenty years...its almost as though time and culture have taken on different qualities....high strangeness indeed, or perhaps its just me getting old!

  4. Yeah I am getting old...easily diverted from the original reason for commenting (it will happen to you one day kids!)....has anyone got a decent rip of the two Weatherall remixes of 'Weekender' from 1992...I have a 160 rip of one of the sixteen minute mixes and while its incredible, the sound is a little muffled....or if anyone can point me in the direction of a link, I have searched high and low for it and cannot find it on any compilations which is weird as its one of the finest things Weatherall has ever done IMO.

  5. Theres a 256 rip of Wetherall's mix here:http://www.themixesandthedubs.com/2009/04/flowered-up-weatherals-weekender-1992.html


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