The Four Brothers- Makorokoto (1988)

John Peel once described The Four Brothers as the best live band in the world, and chose one of their songs a one of his eight Desert Island Discs (UK readers will know what I mean)- quite an accolade from a man who had heard more records than most.
The Four Brothers were from Zimbabwe (they formed in 1977 when it was still Rhodesia), and their clean melodic Jit style put them at the forefront of the World Music boom in the 1980’s.
This is the Cooking Vinyl ten track version, itself a reissue of an early 1980’s Zimbabwe release. The title Makorokoto was applied to expanded reissues of this LP and also to a best of collection.

Line up:
Marshall Munhumumwe - drums, lead vocals
Never Mutare – bass, vocals
Aleck Chipaika – rhythm guitar, vocals
Edward Matiyasi – lead guitar , vocals


  1. An excellent choice! For those hungry for more, the vinyl release contained the 10 tracks above while the cd version included the following extra 6 tracks:

    01 Vimbayi
    02 Rumbidzai
    03 Rudo Imoto
    04 Pasi Pano Pane Zviedzo (John Peel's favourite)
    05 Maishoko Ababa Namai
    06 Siya Zviriko

    which are available here:


    and thanks to the magnificent Moos, you can also find mp3s of the original vinyl albums used for the above compilation here:


    I have the 1988 Peel sessions 12" of the Four Brothers, but sadly no way to rip it for you all :-( but at least you have something new!

    Cheers, Dave Sez.

  2. "Viva! Zimbabwe - Dance Music from Zimbabwe"
    has two further tracks (not included in LPs above) by the Four Brothers feat. Patrick Mkwamba - Zvinonaka Zvinodhura and Dai Ndiri Shiri.

    Get it here:

    "Spirit of the Eagle - Zimbabwe Frontline Vol.2" also has two further tracks (not included in LPs above) by Patrick Mkwamba & The Four Brothers - Vambozha Vauya and Mombe Yeumai as well as one by the Four Brothers - Tsiga Mureza.

    Get it here (2RS)@320:

    or (mediafire) @192 here:

    Cheers, Dave Sez.


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