I'm guessing that some of you will be members of the Facebook group Meltdown? I am, and I have followed their activities with some interest and approval since the April 1st Action.
Am I the only one who was suprised by the tone of Andrew Canning's recent invitation to the anti fascist demo on June 13th?
Talk about hysteria! And full of the language of prohibition and compulsion.
I know we all love a good demo and that fascism is 'a bad thing', but a call to defend the democracy that our forefathers fought for?
I thought this was an essentially anarchist movement, and yet here they are calling on us to defend democracy. The democracy that has been the instrument of or oppression for centuries? the democracy that now gives us fascists in positions of power due to the absence of any viable socialist alternative to the shit we have now?
Paradoxically anarchists should see the minor succeses of a minority group like the BNP as a step in the right direction- simply because it exposes the ludicrous flaws that exist in the present democratic system. The more things like this happen the less credulous democracy becomes.
We shouldn't be getting our knickers in a twist over a handful of fascists geting a free trip to Brussels, we should be striking at the roots, not nipping at the branches.
Democracy has had its day- it's time to kill it off completely.
It's time to get excited.

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