Lew Lewis -Lucky Seven 7” (1978)

Sending out special birthday greetings to Mr Jim Baker.
Lew Lewis from Canvey island was one of the main men in the Pub Rock scene- he was originally in Eddie and The Hotrods before joining Dr Feelgood- he has appeared with Wilko Johnson, Jules Holland (Oil City Sheikhs) The Stranglers and The Clash as well as fronting the Lew Lewis Band and Lew Lewis Reformer.
In 1987 he was sent down for seven years for holding up his local post office.
From what I can see on this fine Dr Feelgood site Lew is still with us despite ongoing health problems.

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  1. To say thanks, a little bundle of Wilko and Lew rarities I upped recently:

    A Wilko and Lew Special:

    From "Front Row Festival live at the Hope & Anchor", 1978.

    Celia and the Fabulous Mutations - Better Believe Me
    Celia and the Young Mutations - Round and Around.
    From second Celia and the Mutations single, 1977. Despite the front cover credit to "Celia and the Mutations" (whose first single was performed by Celia Gollin and the Stranglers), the second single's back cover specifies that the A-side, Better Believe Me, was written and performed by the Fabulous Mutations (Gollin, Burnel, Wilko Johnson of the Feelgoods and drummer (Terry?) Williams), whilst the B-side, Round and Around, was performed by the Young Mutations (musicians unknown) and produced by Andy Arthurs, who co-wrote the song with a certain Chambon. I include Round and Around only for curiosity's sake. The first Celia single can be found at the excellent http://isksp.blogspot.com/search/label/Celia%20And%20The%20Mutations from where the second single was also taken.

    Old Codger - Stranglers with George Melly on vocals and Lew Lewis on harmonica, 1978, first released on a white-vinyl 3-track EP free with the first 75,000 copies of the Black and White album; this track later re-released on the Walk On By EP (cover enclosed); later re-released on extended Black and White CD.

    Multi-host 20 MB download from:

    Hope you don't mind; delete if you do. Cheers, Dave Sez.


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